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Welcome to our community as a

Rosina Andrews Method Affiliated studio! 

'Small things lead to big changes'

You will have got to this page if you have been to one of our courses (summer intensive, online course or studio plan session), purchased our teachers kits for either Pirouette Surgery® or Leap Surgery®, and/or downloaded our yearly membership to the REMOTE teachers resources. 

We like to celebrate our affiliated studios and for the past  10 years of Rosina Andrews Method we are proud to have been guiding and enhancing teachers and studios helping them follow safe, relevant and functional programs, leading to happy, smart and OUTSTANDING dancers. 

The Rosina Andrews Method is a teaching method that can be applied to all forms of dance and used alongside any syllabus.

Rosina's name and techniques are recognised worldwide and Rosina is always looking forward to bringing together like minded teachers to elevate each other and follows the mantra Whilst knowledge is power, collaboration is key.

As an affiliated studio you can now now download your free eBook 'My Favourite Things' from the link below.

As well as a range of other perks and benefits. See Below!

Rosina and her team are always contactable to support your development. Pop us a message to say Hi! We invest in those that invest in us. 

Rosina and Samuel x


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