Train with Rosina Andrews Method wherever and whenever you like with her new online subscription service. 


Virtually attend classes ON DEMAND Classes with dance pioneer Rosina Andrews and her team. From technique focus lessons working on specific leaps, turns and extensions, to stretch classes, conditioning classes, choreography classes and also mindset sessions.


Remote is the must have for supplement for any training dancer.


All the videos have been recorded in a class setting made easy for a dancer to follow along and self correct from specialist cues and corrections. 

Each month SIX new class videos will be released from the following;


- Technique Focus class (Including Leaps and Legs)

- Conditioning Class

- Stretch Class 

- Pirouette Surgery® class

- Choreography class (Contemporary, Hiphop, Musical Theatre or Tap )

- Mindset and Goals class 

During Covid 19 Dancers will also have access to up to 3 live classes on Zoom.