Summer Dance Day - London

Master dance coach Rosina Andrews will be holding a summer day of London Masterclasses based around the Rosina Andrews Method including her iconic Pirouette Surgery and Leap Surgery classes. As well as her encouraging and confidence boosting Artist Development class! 

Classes will be held at the iconic Pineapple Dance Studios, London, right in the centre of Covent Garden Street on August 9th

Elite Collaborative

Summer School 2021

Final Spots remaining - 23rd-27th August 2021

Passionate about exposing young dancers to new techniques and inspiring them beyond their current boundaries, this summer school was created in 2014 for Elite young dancers to meet and share experiences and techniques in a non-competitive environment.


Rosina has created a summer school that is different from others and explores the necessary elements needed for jazz and contemporary dance as well as complimentary additional skills such as Acrobatics and Aerial Silks. 

Audition for new dancers is by audition application, only.




Teachers Intensive 


28th and 29th August 

Held at MTPAS, Milton Keynes

Teachers Classes include:

  • Pirouette and Leap Surgery® - Rosina Andrews

  • Safe Stretch and Strength - Samuel Downing

  • Artist Development - how to get better performance quality from your dancers 

  • Running your passion like a business seminar 

  • Rebooting your creativity, choreography and class plans

  • Working with Minis - 5-8 year old focus 

  • Jazz and Contemporary Classes with Rosina Andrews Method

  • Floor work and tricks

There will also be a teachers cocktail social evening  and students who will be demonstrating.