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Masterclasses, online and touring workshops!

Have Rosina and Samuel

visit your studio! 

Offering unique, energetic and affordable masterclasses to all standards of dancer in studios in any location. 

Rosina Andrews' touring masterclasses have been in high demand for the past ten years.

The workshops leave all dancers reinspired and enthusiastic for progress. 

What we offer...

  • Dancer Development Days -  two levels of Artist Development Contemporary, Dancer Conditioning and Pirouette Surgery®

  • Artist Development Contemporary with Pirouette Surgery®

  • Technique Focus with an Introduction to Leap Surgery.

  • Technique Focus with Pirouettte Surgery®

  • An introduction to Leaps and Turns for 5-9 years 

  • Theatre Jazz Workshops

Bespoke and International courses for dancers and teachers.


How much are the workshops?

We believe that dance should be accessible to all and that no-one should have to remortgage to afford a workshop! Our prices are realistic and can be obtained on request. Workshops are a set rate, not per student and how you charge your students for the workshops is up to you. 

When can my workshop be? 

Available workshop days are Sunday’s. There is the opportunity for after school Monday's (within commutable distance of London). School holiday and daytime workshops are available upon request. 


Dates are exceedingly popular and bookings are made around six months in advance. Currently booking for May 2024


What should I book? 

It is recommended that Pirouette Surgery® workshops follow a ‘New York State of Mind Artist Developement’ or ‘Technique Focus’ workshop as Pirouette Surgery® is quite static and doesn’t include a warm-up.

Workshop length and travel expenses. 

Workshop time must be equal to or more than Rosina’s travel time from London. For example; If your studio is three hours away from London, your workshops should be more than three hours. Rosina (Sam and/or Rory) will usually travel by train to workshops and travel expenses are invoiced. For workshops that are over four hours travel time, a hotel booking is required by the host studio. International workshops also available, with packages discussed on request. 

Deposit and Payment 

Once discussed a workshop confirmation will be sent. Once a date is decided a deposit of £100 is due to confirm the booking. Until deposit is paid, the workshop date is not confirmed. Complete payment is then required on the day. Workshops cancelled within 1 month will require 50% payment. 

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