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#1 Vinegar, Inner Thighs and Podcasts - April 11, 2021


This week I purchased white wine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. I'd heard on social media that it had amazing cleaning qualities. Both are simple natural products, yet they do the same job as many other more expensive complex products. Apparently, according to Google, cleaning with these products is the kind of thing my Great Grandma would have used in the 1920's and then I realised that these simple products with very little fandango to them do the job just as good if not better than the complex ones

. In a world of entrepreneurs, which we are all trying to take a problem and make it better, it's important to remember the basics. What are the bicarbs and vinegars of your dance training?

Don't forget the simple things!


Try squeezing a block or a ball between your inner thighs whilst you are doing your abdominal exercises. Your inner thighs connect to your core via the deep front line. Strengthening both simultaneously will help those muscles function to your benefit when you start moving.


Introducing Sarah Royle, creator of the Diary of A Dance Teacher Podcast and The Healthy Dancer Booklet

Until next week,

Rosina x Author of Pirouette and Leap Surgery® and founder of Rosina Andrews Method

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