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#10 - Wins Leaps and Needles

Thought of the Week

We hear a lot about celebrating the small wins. These wins do not change the world but they could change the world that you are living in. Let's take daily stretching for example; the first small win is remembering to stretch, secondly actually doing some stretching and then thirdly after stretching for a few weeks or so seeing an improvement in your splits, which will help their your own little dance world.

If we didn't celebrate the first small win, remembering to stretch, then there would be no change to our world. It's important to remember to celebrate each step of a system to reach a goal, and not just the goal when it is reached.

Tip of the Week

Every object that is thrown has a parabola - a U shaped curve that goes up and down. We need to apply this to our leaps knowing that the shape we want to make must hit at the very top of the parabola. Hitting the split, straddle, firebird at the very top of the curve, rather than whilst going up or down will give you much better leaps.

In the Spotlight...

Introducing Pens and Needles, hand stitched personalised embroidery.

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