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#12 - Cheap, Skills and Race

Thought of the Week

It’s hard for things to ever be good, fast and cheap. If they’re quick and cheap, they’re probably not so good. If they’re good quality and cheap there probably not particularly timely and if they’re high quality and fast there probably not cheap!

I think this is important when evaluating where to invest your money in life and in dance too!

Tip of the Week

Action + Flexibility + strength = Skill

Remember every cool move and trick has a build up that helps dancers achieve it. Most likely you have the flexibility and the strength to action it but your body and muscles don't know the action they need to do. Breaking down and then building up the action is the best way to achieve any new moves.

In the Spotlight...

Introducing Black Books Matter , creating space for the diverse world we live in through the power of books.

Until next week,

Rosina x Author of Pirouette and Leap Surgery® and founder of Rosina Andrews Method

55 Brookside South, London United Kingdom

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