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#3- Snow, Pirouettes and Pre-Loved

Thought of the Week

On the Gold Coast of Australia they say you can experience every season in a day, does anyone else who's in the UK feel like that with this month? Waking up to perfect blue skies, walking the dog as a gale blows and then looking outside whilst cooking dinner to snowflakes falling. What can we as dancers do to help efforts towards Climate Change?

Dancewear brands are turning to more Eco friendly fabrics, a recent example came last year from Elmhurst Ballet School where they school launched new uniforms made from plastics recovered from the ocean.

Reusable bottles and lunch boxes can reduce packaging during those times we have to eat on the go.

Little changes add up to big differences!

Tip of the Week

Clean up your Pirouette Preparation (jazz)

1. Stand with your feet parallel

2. Draw one foot back until the bottoms of the toes (demi pointe is on the floor) and find the highest relevè possible!

3. Pliè that front leg and transfer 90% of the weight into the front foot, making sure your shoulders, hips and front foot are all in line.

and now spin!

In the Spotlight...

Introducing Jamzz, Dancewear store and founder of Pre-Danced, sustainably trading old dancewear for new.

Until next week,

Rosina x Author of Pirouette and Leap Surgery® and founder of Rosina Andrews Method

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