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#4- Dr Pepper, Music and Barre

Thought of the Week

In January 2021, I really started looking after myself. I swapped snoozing in bed for working out, Dr Pepper for water and Digestive Biscuits for dried apricots. It took about six weeks to feel any difference in my energy, my mood and my skin but when the difference came I couldn't believe how much better I felt. As dance teachers we are very good at putting others first and forgetting that we can't fill someone else's cup if our own is half empty. As humans we want instant gratification and not seeing instant results is sometimes off putting. Start by swapping one thing today and promise me you'll keep it up for at least 6 weeks!

Tip of the Week

Dancers who become the music are my favourite kind of dancers. You cannot listen to your competition or exam piece music too many times, the more you listen the more the rises, falls, breath, beats and flow become part of you which will translate into your dancing.

In the Spotlight...

Introducing The Barre Boy, Eian Crockatt, fitness instructor with a difference, check out his online classes here!

Until next week,

Rosina x Author of Pirouette and Leap Surgery® and founder of Rosina Andrews Method

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