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#5 - Tribes, Opposites and Wax Melts

Thought of the Week

Our ideas, beliefs and knowledge comes from the settings that’ we are in and the people we interact with and these days a lot of that interaction is from social media. It makes a massive influence into what we see and absorb and sometimes we’re not true to ourselves, not because we’re frauds but instead because we’ve seen and heard so many things that we start to believe them even if they’re not necessarily true to our beliefs. For example my feed could be full of lots of kids doing needles bent in half, I don’t teach needles, (I’m not an acrobatics teacher) and don’t really see the need in them when we dance however I could find myself thinking maybe I needed to start purely because that was what I’d been exposed too. People always say that you are the product of the three people you spend the most time with, could we also be the products also of the social media we spend the most time with too. If you see something that makes you question what you stand for then I’d recommend unfollowing them!

Tip of the Week

Often the area that you want to make more flexible isn't the area you need to stretch to make that area more limbered. For example if you think you have tight hamstrings, I'd recommend stretching your quads, then your hamstring reach might be further. Everything in the body is connected!

In the Spotlight...

Introducing Fern Botanicals, 100% Soy Botanical Wax Melts which are Hand poured in small batches/

Until next week,

Rosina x Author of Pirouette and Leap Surgery® and founder of Rosina Andrews Method

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