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#9 - Time, Arms and Foundation Colleges

Thought of the Week

Fridays for some mean the beginning of a couple of days off. For me and many other dance teachers, Fridays usually mark the start of a hectic dance related weekend. There are times when we have rare Saturdays off and those I never know what to do with myself! I always find that muggles (non dance related people) find this concept of working all weekend really strange but as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, I think we’ve all realised that working weeks and the standards of what full time is are outdated and perhaps not the most efficient and definitely no longer the norm. Work life balance is important however, balance will always lead to success, not only should we #dancesmarter, we should aim to #worksmarter and #livesmarter.

How can you make your schedule be more efficient to reach your optimum potential as a human?

Tip of the Week

Arm lines make legs appear higher.

If you do a simple front kick with your arms in second position and allow your shoulders and arms to lift as you kick your leg your leg will appear lower than keeping the arms parallel to the floor with engaged lats even if your leg isn't bouncing off your face it'll appear higher!

In the Spotlight...

Introducing Evolution Foundation College, leading independent performing arts foundation college with family vibe and personal attention.

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