Day #2- Goal Setting

So, it’s day #2 and I’m not feeling much different to day #341.

Does anyone else feel the unparalleled pressure of New Year and the resolutions that come with it? So much is built up with the end of the year and the boom it’s a new year and practically nothing is different.

I still ate Hula-hoops for lunch

My hair is still in a ponytail

I still went on Instagram before I got up.

And I probably won’t go to bed early either.

Now, those weren’t even my resolutions – in fact I didn’t make resolutions; I set some challenges and a couple of goals for myself and my buisness but to resolve something needs much more than a flip of the calendar and a strike of a clock. Those above are some sort of subconscious society led resolution that as I sit here in a studio awaiting a private lesson, make me feel like 2019 isn’t going to be my year just because those four stupid things took place within this fresh and new period of ‘change’. (Oh Rosina stop. 2019 is gonna be fabulous.)

If those things had happened on any other day – I literally wouldn’t have given them a second thought but right now – Corrr there hanging there tempting me to post an inspiration quote about failing.

I’ve been working on bettering myself for a few months now, but I am always reminding myself that it's a process and I want anyone who’s reading this to also set some new goals that time is what is needed.

When my mentor clients and I set goals for their futures we do it in a goal setting formula and I wanted to share a little bit of that with you.

We choose it.

Shrink it.

Chop it up.

And then make it more appealing.

One of my 2019 challenges is below and I followed the formula too.

1. Get fit.

More specifically and Shrunk to - Recover fully from injury and then prevent it.

Chopped into two- Go to Pilates twice a week and remember to warmup and cool down.

Make is appealing by realising Pilates will also give me that bikini body in time for summer.

So, if you’re feeling a little bit like me on January 2nd, don’t fear. Some things are not meant to be changed, some things are just the way you are and then other things can change if you focus fully upon them.