Personal 6 week Safe Stretch plans by Samuel Downing PT


                               Parents, do your dancers receive critiques to improve their flexibility, and then begin to copy rather uncomfortable looking                                           poses off of instagram in the lounge for 10 minutes and get frustrated when they see no immediate effect?


                               Students, has your flexibility declined now you’ve begun full time training and you are now struggling to fit stretching time                                           into your schedule?


                               Dancers, do you want sustained flexibility that isn’t detrimental to the health of your joints, ligaments and muscles yet                                                  works seamlessly with your dance moves?

                                       And wouldn’t you like to see an improvement in your flexibility with the least amount of time and pain needed?



With flexibility playing a huge role in today’s dance industry and an influx of scaremongering miss-shared advice regarding safe and unsafe practices, it is important that dancers who are dedicated to improving their flexibility follow the advice of professionals.


After the success of Samuel Downing Personal Trainers one-2-one sessions he is now offering bespoke safe-stretch plans and with the technology of skype, this healthy method of improving flexibility can be shared to dancers all over the world. These plans have been approved by health care professional Sarah Richards.


Using a range of 35 different dynamic stretches,  yoga inspired positions and micro muscle isolations; Samuel’s plans will guide the dancers through a series of stretches to aid there flexibility development steadily and inline with their physique. A structured safe plan to motivate even the stiffest of dancers. 


There is a lot more to the splits, than over stretched hamstrings over 4 yoga blocks!


What will the plan consist of;


  • Initial consultation; a chance for Samuel to assess the dancers physique and areas of weakness,

        and a chance for the dancer to share their flexibility goals and desires.

  • A 20-30 minute personal plan, to be carried out over a period of 6 weeks 4-5 times a week for

      optimum affect. This will be delivered in a personal skype session as well as in downloadable video

       format, where Samuel will guide the dancers with corrections and motivations to ensure optimum


  • Downloadable PDF plan with Stretch Info pages. Print out motivation sheets, age dependent

       including ‘Sam’s sticker chart’ for younger dancers.

  • Follow up Personal training sessions at a discounted price.


*Please allow up to 21 days for the complete personal plan after initial consultation.


Special January 2017 price £60.00 

The Questions we know you're going to ask....

  • Are you going to bring out book and a teachers kit?

Yes, we plan to produce a lesson plan for a stretch class that is safe and can develop your students flexibility as a group and develop your knowledge of how and why we stretch. Sam's skills are not necessarily in the literary department, and Rosina is a little tied up with her Pirouette Surgery® at this current time, but don't worry we hope to have a Stretch Surgery® teachers kit with you before 2017 is finished. 

  • Will there be bespoke conditioning plans?

No. We highly value the importance of safety and specific conditioning training done by professionals, the only way to get proper results is through proper training. Sam will be continue to offer his one-to-one conditioning sessions and these will also be available via Skype later in the year. You wouldnt want to learn how to do brain surgery on a Youtube tutorial!

Safe stretch bespoke plans  have been designed for young dancers to improve their flexibility. It is expected that all dancers participating are training under the supervision of an adult in a safe environment.


Stretches have been healthcare professional approved. All employees are DBS checked with relevant qualifications. 


Samuel Downing and Rosna Andrews accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage resulting from physical exercise. By following this guide you knowingly and voluntarily assume the inherent risk of stretching.