I always believed in the importance of online resources, hence my creation of Rosina Andrews Remote for dancers in January. However I never realised there would come a time where the passion that we all share, dance, would rely purely on the internet in a virtual manner.

With hope on the horizon but with the horizon still distant, many teachers are reaching out to me for advice in how to continue to see their students flourish during this time of chaos and so I have decide to share some online resources for teachers within my Remote series.

There is now Rosina Andrews Remote : for TEACHERS.

26 on demand classes in Stretch, Strength, Turns and Technique Focus.
All downloadable and accessible for 6 months.
Free access to Teachers Technique Surgery Seminar - TBA

PLEASE NOTE: These are not teachers tutorials but classes suited to share with your students as follow through classes, with directions, demonstration and corrections.

Subscribe and Access Today! 

Share with your students in 3 ways. 

1. Via Zoom 

Comment and correct your students as you use a Rosina Andrews Remote class. Select and share your screen to your students. 

2. As homework 

Select the class choose Download video and share with your own students through your personal network and portal.

3. As Inspiration

Watch the class and use elements of it to inspire your own classes