Young Dancer Mentoring Program

The New Private Lesson

Success is a state of mind. 

Rosina is now in her third year of this project and is working on a less trodden part of young dancers improvement. It's time to get dancers to believe in themselves and soar to new heights not by improving their physique or skill but their thoughts and minds. 

Rosina Andrews will offers a small number of students per year the opportunity to be mentored by her. These students, aged 14-20, can be dancers who perform recreationally or those who aspire for a career in the industry; they should be determined youngsters who want to really change the way they think about the tasks and trials they encounter as they follow their dreams. 

For the dancer who's lost, confused, passionate, scared, excited, shy, disheartened, who'd like to become empowered, successful and inspired. 

Using a range of methods and tools, Rosina's past clients have flourished and smashed their personal goals. 

Alongside Rosina's vast experience within the dance industry she also holds a BA Hons in Child Development and Level 3 Psychology Qualification

One-off 60 minute session reminding dancers of their goals and strengths. A gentle nudge to help them get back on the track to success.

1 session - £60.00

A termly series of sessions. Prioritising goals and rebooting dancers mindsets for growth and improvment over a period of a year. 

4 sessions - £200.00

An intensive monthly series. Changing habits takes

time, support and assistance. A definite mind restarter and life changer.

12 sessions - £600.00




Applications for 2020 are now closed.

There are no physical audition requirements to apply to be mentored by Rosina.

Applicants must be aged 14-20 years and participate in dance classes with aspirations within the dance and theatre industry. They must have access to Skype/Facetime. 

Rosina wil only be taking on a small number of students per year.