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Choreographer and Movement Director

Christie Lee Manning

Rosina Andrews is a phenomenal creative. I dream of having an artistic mind like hers. She takes music and makes it come alive in the most visually and aesthetically pleasing way. I swear by her work. She is unmatched.

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Rosina is a versatile and captivating professional dancer, director/choreographer and educator.

Rosina's work is fresh, current and unique. She has an infectious personality which drives and inspires all that she works with. Rosina's work exudes originality with crowd pleasing, interactive and passionate themes across versatile genres and styles combining her love of jazz and contemporary dance


Rosina has a broad skillset as a creative having worked across multiple facets of the industry.  From artistic direction and arranging to costume, lighting and set design to choreography and movement education, Rosina understands the cohesion required of all elements to provide the complete package whilst working efficiently and empathetically as a leader or part of a team.

Rosina is also an international educator, she works closely with the pioneering House of Jazz Company under the direction of Christie Lee Manning, is a faculty member of some of the UK's leading Performing Arts universities and author of three best selling dance books. 

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