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Enhance your dance teaching 

The Rosina Andrews Method isn't a syllabus. It's a mind-set and something that can be applied to all sorts of teaching, any style and in any capacity. There's over 800 teachers using it worldwide...are you?

 The Rosina Andrews Method is a method that can be applied to all forms of and alongside any syllabus. Using her ‘Five Formulas to develop your teaching’; Rosina and her team aim to inspire, empower and reboot you with their products suited especially for teachers. Rosina Andrews and her husband Samuel Downing are known for their pioneering attitude towards teaching young dancers in a forward thinking way, mirroring that of their American peers, and developing their virtuoso movements (Leaps and Turns), flexibility, strength and creativity in a way that pushes their boundaries and creates unique, talented and unstoppable performers.


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