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#8- Risks, Easy Money and Pilates

Thought of the Week

‘My kid isn’t allowed to have gravy on her school dinner as it’s hot and she might spill it’

Taking risks and succeeding motivates children to seek further achievements. Failing can lead to testing new ideas, and finding personal capabilities and limits allowing children to overcome fears and build new skills.

In a nutshell, whilst I’d like to think the gravy isn’t so hot it would cause third degree burns, succeeding to not spill it, or even spilling it and then wiping it up and enjoying mash potato that isn’t completely dry may lead that child to achieving great things when their older.

Tip of the Week

Never do something because it’ll make a quick buck, do something because you love it. Any job that you love is easy money, even the hardest, trickiest and most tiring job in the world is the best job if you love what you do.

In the Spotlight...

Introducing Abby Taylor, Professional dancer and Pilates coach. Founder of Abby Taylor Pilates

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